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Getting Started with 10web: An Overview

10Web, spearheaded by founder and CEO Tigran Nazaryan, stands out as an innovative AI-powered website builder and hosting service, particularly geared towards revolutionizing WordPress. Nazaryan’s vision to automate WordPress pivots around providing a seamless no-code solution for crafting websites. This platform is distinguished by a suite of unique features: an AI-driven WordPress builder, comprehensive user and team management tools, white labeling options, and more.

The Features That Set 10Web Apart

What sets 10Web apart is its dedication to optimization. The platform employs advanced strategies such as image optimization, lazy loading, and the compression and minification of static files. This approach not only enhances website performance but also ensures a smoother user experience. A standout feature of 10Web is its non-breaking algorithm, which carefully stages optimizations in a sandbox environment. This critical step ensures that any changes made will not disrupt the live website, maintaining its integrity and visual appeal.

Ease of use is a hallmark of the 10Web experience. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making website management accessible to users of all skill levels. Additionally, 10Web simplifies the often daunting task of website migration with its 1-click migration tool, allowing for effortless transition to its hosting environment. This combination of advanced features and user-centric design makes 10Web a compelling choice for anyone looking to build and host a WordPress website with ease and confidence.

How to use 10Web

1) Choose to either create a new website or convert an existing website to WordPress using AI technology


2) Now, decide whether you need an e-commerce platform or a standard website


3) Kindly provide a description of your company, including its name


4) Select the design style and fonts for your project


5) Sign in to preview your website live


6) Customize your website using Elementor, the widely-used editing tool


The Power of 10Web’s All-in-One Dashboard


10Web’s dashboard breaks down the complex tasks into a simple, user-friendly interface. Here’s a closer look at its offering: 

  • Site Management: Configure, update, and manage all your sites from one spot. No need to switch between different tabs and windows. From changing themes and plugins to managing user comments, all your site essentials are neatly arranged in 10Web’s dashboard.
  • Performance Check: Stay ahead of the curve with automatic performance checks and timely reports. The dashboard gives you a snapshot of your website’s performances and guides you in optimizing its speed and efficiency.
  • Backup and Restore: You never know when disaster might strike. But remember, with 10Web’s automated real-time backup system and one-click restore functionality, you’ll always have peace of mind and sleep easy knowing your data protected no matter what happens.
  • SEO and Analytics: Leverage integrated SEO services and stay on top of your website analytics with the built-in dashboard feature. Not only can you monitor traffic, but you can also access key insights to improve your website’s functionality and increase your visibility in search engines.

Boosting Website Performance with 10Web’s Advanced Caching


Revving up your website’s performance is as essential as its visual aesthetics. Let’s dive into how 10Web solves this issue with its advanced caching system. 

When you choose 10 Web as your website builder, you’re investing in a fast-loading webpage. The platform leverages the power of advanced caching systems to make this happen. But what does that mean exactly? We’ve all come across the term ‘caching’, but to fully appreciate how it can supercharge your website, we need to understand what it is. 

Caching is akin to taking a snapshot of a webpage and saving it for later. When a user visits your site, rather than loading all elements afresh each time, they’re served this snapshot—drastically reducing load times. Faster load times have a positive impact on the user experience, as well as SEO rankings

At this point, you might be wondering—what makes 10Web’s advanced caching systems so special? Let’s explore. 

A Three-layered Caching Approach 

10Web brings an extraordinary three-tiered system to the table—static cache, dynamic cache, and Memcached. 

  1. Add a dash of speed with Static Cache: This part of the system caches static website components, including HTML files, CSS, and JavaScript. Every time a repeat visitor lands on your site, these elements are loaded much faster.
  2. Cut load times with Dynamic Cache: Dynamic caching is an excellent solution for website areas that change frequently, such as product pages on an e-commerce site. It saves a snapshot of these dynamic parts and delivers them at light-speed when requested.
  3. Boost performance with Memcached: 10Web also employs Memcached, a powerful, distributed memory object caching system. This tool caches the results of database calls, API calls, or page renderings, which means your website will perform optimally even during peak traffic times.

The beauty of 10Web’s advanced caching system is its automation. Once activated, the caching works behind-the-scenes, ensuring each visitor is met with a speedy, seamless user experience, without you having to lift a finger! 

Remember, a fast-loading website isn’t just about user experience; it’s also a critical SEO factor. Websites that load quickly are favored by search engines, which in turn impacts your online visibility and conversions. 

Exploring 10Web’s Pricing Plans and Value for Money

Detailed overview of 10Web’s pricing plans, each designed to offer a blend of value and versatility:

Personal Plan:

  • Price Range: $10 to $14 per month
  • Features: This plan includes 10 GB of storage and supports 1 hosted site, with traffic capacity ranging from 25,000 to 30,000 visits. Key features include the AI Recreation Assistant, automated 1-click migration, collaboration tools, a drag & drop live editor based on Elementor, email support, a malware removal program, 24/7 real-time chatbox assistance, responsive design, a theme builder, and comprehensive website optimization.

Premium Plan:

  • Price Range: $30 to $35 per month
  • Features: Geared towards higher traffic sites, this plan accommodates up to 100,000 visits, provides 15GB of storage, and allows for 3 hosted sites. It includes 75GB of real-time backup and all features of the Personal Plan, with added multisite support for enhanced management capabilities.

Agency Plan:

  • Price Range: $75 to $85 per month
  • Features: Tailored for agencies, this plan offers unlimited website hosting, frontend speed optimization, a white-label option, VIP support, among other advanced features.

Value Assessment: 10 Web’s pricing plans are strategically formulated to deliver competitive features and benefits, such as high-performance hosting through Google Cloud, AI-driven website building and optimization tools, coupled with a user-friendly interface. Adding to the appeal, each plan is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, underscoring the commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in their services.

The platform’s scalable pricing structure is a significant advantage, allowing businesses to select a plan that aligns with their current needs and to upgrade as their requirements evolve. The transparent pricing model, combined with the rich set of features, positions 10Web as an attractive choice for businesses seeking dependable hosting solutions and state-of-the-art website building capabilities.

In essence, 10 Web’s pricing plans stand out for their comprehensive feature offerings, reliable hosting services, and the flexibility to meet diverse business needs, ensuring a high value-for-money proposition.

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Conclusion: Why 10Web is the Ultimate Solution for WordPress Websites

Can you create a website for me?

10 Web does not create websites for users. However, it offers an AI-powered website builder and hosting platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing websites.

Does 10Web provide fragment caching?

According to the 10 Web Help Center, the platform does provide fragment caching. This feature can help improve website performance by caching specific parts of web pages.

Does 10Web support IPv6 addresses?

The support for IPv6 addresses is not explicitly mentioned in the available search results. Users may need to refer to the official documentation or contact 10 Web support for specific technical inquiries.

How can I create and publish FAQs on my website using 10Web?

10 Web offers a WordPress FAQ plugin that allows users to easily add, categorize, and customize FAQ sections on their websites. The plugin provides features such as responsive design, FAQ search, category and author assignment, customizable themes, and more.

What customer care services does 10Web provide?

According to the information available, offers fast response times, quick issue resolution, and support for any WordPress-related questions. The platform emphasizes a customer-centric approach with a 4.3 average rating and positive user reviews for its FAQ plugin.

When it comes to managing and optimizing WordPress websites, 10Web truly stands out in the crowded marketplace. Its ingenious bundled approach addresses each and every aspect, from creation to optimization and maintenance of a WordPress site within a single dashboard. So, let’s dive a bit deeper and explore why 10 Web is the ultimate solution for WordPress sites. 

First and foremost, efficiency is at the heart of 10 Web. With its streamlined and comprehensive dashboard, you can perform a myriad of tasks in just a few clicks. That means you’re able to save time and focus more on creating engaging content, or perfecting your business strategy. And who doesn’t love streamlining? 

But beyond mere convenience, 10Web is a powerful tool that can bring significant improvements to your website. Thanks to its advanced caching solution, your site can achieve lightning-fast loading times, providing a smooth experience for your visitors and potentially boosting your SEO rankings. 

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