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TopTier Trader, a respected proprietary trading firm established in October 2021, is recognized for its transparent and supportive approach in aiding traders to secure funding and further their careers. Under the guidance of its CEO, TopTier Trader offers numerous advantages, including a significant profit share, up to $600,000 in funding, and accommodating various trading styles.

This blog post aims to deliver a comprehensive analysis of TopTier Trader, detailing its features, benefits, and any potential drawbacks, thus equipping traders with the necessary information to make well-informed decisions about using this platform.


According to several sources, Quillan Roberto Black serves as the CEO of TopTier Trader and is also one of its co-founders. Nick Filipoff is another key figure associated with the leadership of the company. However, the exact roles and responsibilities of Black and Filipoff within TopTier Trader are not explicitly detailed, suggesting that a more thorough investigation might be necessary to fully understand their positions and contributions to the company.

The Platform


Exploring the Trading Success Stories of TopTier Trader Users

The landscape of trading is littered with stories of success that trace their roots back to the TopTierTrader platform. Whether their trading portfolio comprises stocks, Forex, or cryptocurrencies, users consistently praise TopTierTrader for its advanced tools and user-friendly interface that have significantly contributed to their achievements. 

Let’s delve into a few examples: 

“TopTier trader transformed the way I trade. By using the platform’s resources, I’ve experienced a noticeable increase in successful trades and profits.” – Jason, a Forex trader from California.

“Having dabbled in stock trading for a while, switching to TopTier rader was a game-changer for me. The customer support is unparalleled, and the guidance provided has undeniably boosted my confidence and trading skills.” – Angela, a stock trader from New York.

Overall, the common thread weaves across these testimonials is the acknowledge of TopTier Trader’s robust functionalities and intuitive features that simplify the complex world of trading. When paired with the platform’s excellent customer service and educational resources, it’s understandable why so many traders credit their success to TopTier Trader. 

Trader NameTrading AreaKey Benefits Mentioned
JasonForex TradingEffective trading resources, increased profits
AngelaStock TradingExceptional customer support, educational resources

Doesn’t it make you wonder, how far can you go with the right trading platform acting as your ally? However, we advise that success in trading requires more than just a high-end platform. It’s essential to develop sound strategies, have a hawk-eye on market trends, and most importantly, be patient and persistent in this ever-fluctuating domain.

Exploring the Top Tier Trading Challenges

Top Tier Trader offers a range of trading challenges designed for traders at different levels of experience and ambition. The challenges are categorized into ‘Top Tier Challenge,’ ‘Top Tier Challenge Plus,’ and ‘Top Tier Trader,’ each with its own set of rules and requirements.

  • Trading Days and Minimum Requirements: All challenges offer unlimited trading days, but the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Challenges require a minimum of 4 trading days. The Top Tier Trader does not specify a minimum.
  • Leverage and Loss Limits: Each challenge offers a leverage of 1:100. The maximum loss is capped at $500 (10% of the account balance), and the maximum daily loss is limited to $250 (5%).
  • Profit Targets: For the Tier 1 Challenge, the profit target is $500 (10%), while it’s $250 (5%) for the Tier 2 Challenge. The Top Tier Trader has no specific profit target.
  • Weekend Holding and EA Usage: Regular accounts in all challenges do not allow holding positions over the weekend or the use of expert advisors.
  • Refundable Fees: The fee for the Tier 1 Challenge is $70, but it’s refundable upon the trader’s first profit withdrawal from their funded account. The Tier 2 Challenge and Top Tier Trader do not have any fees.

This setup provides a structured yet flexible environment for traders to demonstrate their skills and potentially earn profits, with the reassurance of refundable fees to encourage participation

Toptier trader

The Payouts


Trustpilot reviews

Toptier Trader review

Who is TopTier Trader best suited for?

TopTier Trader is ideal for both novice traders looking to learn and experienced traders seeking funding to scale their strategies.

What is the maximum funding available?

Traders can access up to $600,000 in funding, with a scaling plan allowing growth up to $2 million.

Are there any specific trading strategies that TopTier Trader encourages?

The platform supports a variety of trading strategies, including news trading, weekend holding, and different styles based on the chosen program.

How does the evaluation process work?

It involves a two-phase evaluation, with specific profit targets and loss limits. Successful completion leads to funding.

What kind of customer support does TopTierTrader offer?

They provide round-the-clock support via phone, live chat, and email, known for prompt and knowledgeable assistance.


TopTier Trader emerges as a highly accommodating and transparent prop trading firm, ideal for both novice and experienced traders. Its well-structured evaluation process, competitive profit splits, and comprehensive scaling plan cater to a broad spectrum of trading styles and objectives. The firm’s robust customer support and emphasis on user privacy further enhance its appeal. Overall, TopTier Trader represents a significant opportunity for traders seeking to maximize their potential in the financial markets.

Risk Warning: It’s essential to remember that trading involves risk, and the content on the ProdanAdvisor website is for general information only. The service and company website are provided on an “as-is” basis and without warranty of any kind.

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