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4.7/5Overall Score
  • $400,000 max standard account
  • 85% profit share
  • Scale to $2M balance
  • Low profit targets: 8% & 4%
  • News trading permitted
  • No free trial is offered
  • No Cryptocurrency trading
  • No Futures Trading

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BlueGuardian emerges as a beacon for seasoned traders looking to scale new heights in the competitive financial market. With a keen understanding that success in trading is a blend of strategy and adequate capital, Blue Guardian offers a unique proposition. At its core, the company’s mission is to unearth and empower skilled traders, providing them with the necessary demo funds and resources to transform their trading acumen into tangible profits. Founded by traders for traders, BlueGuardian resonates with the pulse of the market, designing a model that diverges from the high-risk expectations set by other proprietary trading firms.

By forging a path that aligns more closely with realistic trading outcomes, Blue Guardian stands as an ally to those seeking not just to navigate but to conquer the financial tides. Led by Sean Bainton, the Founder and CEO, alongside key executives Eric Gairns and Regan Hartland, the firm is underpinned by a leadership that’s well-acquainted with the trials and tribulations of trading. Blue Guardian isn’t just a firm; it’s a collective vision where experience, strategy, and a shared goal of financial sovereignty converge.

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Why BlueGuardian Isn’t Just Another Prop Firm

BlueGuardian’s unique selling proposition is the blend of realism in their expectations with a high level of support for their traders. While other prop firms may boast larger balances, they often come with strings attached—unrealistic profit targets, or restrictive trading conditions. BlueGuardian, on the other hand, has created a balanced environment where a serious trader can indeed thrive.

Their offer of 17.5% off and a 125% refund on all challenges in November is more than a promotion—it’s a statement of confidence in their evaluation process and their traders. They are willing to invest not only their funds but also their profits into the development of their traders.

Unlimited Guardian


$ 87 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5)

  • Trading Period Unlimited
  • Profit Target (8%)
  • Maximum Loss (8%)
  • Account Leverage 1:100 Maximum Leverage
  • Profit Split 85%

Elite Guardian


$ 120 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5)

  • Minimum Trading Days 5
  • Maximum Loss (10%)
  • Minimum Trading Days 5
  • Account Leverage 1:50 Maximum Leverage
  • Profit Split 85%

Rapid Guardian


$ 97 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5)

  • Profit Target 25%
  • Profit Share From Challenge Phase 15%
  • Trading Leverage 1:100

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Trustpilot Reviews

The prop firm industry is crowded, and standing out is no mean feat. Yet, Blue Guardian has carved a niche for itself by focusing on the trader, not the trade. Their entire setup, from the evaluation phases to the profit splits, is designed to foster professional growth.

A closer look at the firm’s testimonials and featured articles reveal a pattern of success stories that are not just about profits but about careers being built and lives being changed. This is what makes Blue Guardian not just a prop firm but a career partner.


What is BlueGuardian and how does it work?

Blue Guardian is a proprietary trading firm that provides funding to serious traders. Aspiring traders must go through an evaluation process in two phases to demonstrate their trading discipline and skill. Upon passing these evaluations, traders are funded with an account they can trade, and they earn up to 85% of the profits generated.

What are the evaluations I need to pass to become a funded trader?

The evaluations consist of two phases. In Phase 1, you must meet specific trading objectives to prove your trading skills. After succeeding in Phase 1, you progress to Phase 2, which is the final step. Once you pass this stage and your results are verified, you will become a funded trader with BlueGuardian.

What happens if I hit the maximum daily loss limit?

Blue Guardian has a feature called the Guardian Protector, which helps traders avoid hitting the daily loss limit by setting an equity protector that limits how much can be lost in a day. It can even block trading for the day to prevent overtrading, ensuring traders stay within their risk parameters.

Are there any fees associated with the BlueGuardian evaluations, and are they refundable?

There is a refundable fee of $120 to start the evaluation process. With the current offer, using the code ‘NOVEMBER’, you get 17.5% off and a 125% refund on all challenge fees upon successful completion of the evaluation.

What kind of leverage can I use with BlueGuardian accounts?

Blue Guardian offers up to 1:50 leverage for FX instruments for traders during the evaluation and once they become funded traders. This leverage ratio is to ensure risk management and to align with the proprietary firm’s capital protection strategies.


In summary, Blue Guardian stands out as a reputable proprietary trading firm, providing traders with an array of evaluation program accounts that respect individual trading preferences. Traders have the freedom to execute trades around the clock, including during volatile news cycles, over weekends, and holding positions overnight.

The Unlimited Guardian program introduces a two-phase evaluation process that is consistent with industry benchmarks. To qualify for funding and a share of the profits, traders are tasked with meeting attainable profit goals—8% in the first phase and 4% in the subsequent one—balanced by a clear set of risk parameters: a 4% maximum daily loss and an 8% total loss threshold. The absence of restrictions on the trading period and minimum day requirements during each phase underscores the program’s flexibility. Achieving these targets enables traders to earn an impressive 85% of the profit share and to benefit from account scalability.

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