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CityTraders Imperium presents itself as a unique opportunity for traders of various levels to engage in forex trading without the need to risk personal capital. Founded in 2018, it has rapidly become a notable player in the prop firm landscape. The company’s offerings are especially attractive for traders looking to scale their operations, with funded capital reaching up to $4 million and a promise of up to 100% profit share.

The Platform


CityTraders Funding Programs

CityTraders Imperium range of funding programs is tailored to suit different trading styles and risk appetites:

  1. Challenge Program: This two-step program is designed for traders with a higher risk tolerance. It offers more leverage and higher drawdown, making it suitable for those who are confident in their trading strategies and risk management skills.
  2. Instant Funding: As a one-step program, it is ideal for traders who prefer a more straightforward approach. This program offers flexibility and the potential for exponential growth.
  3. Direct Funding: This unique program allows traders to bypass the initial phases of funding, offering immediate access to payouts. It’s an excellent choice for experienced traders who are ready to hit the ground running.

Trading Conditions and Benefits

CityTraders Imperium trading conditions are highly competitive. They offer tight spreads averaging 0.2 pips and reasonable commission rates. Additionally, the platform supports various trading styles, including the use of Expert Advisors and trade copiers. Traders also have the freedom to trade during news events, weekends, and overnight, providing flexibility that is often not available with other prop firms.

Trading Platforms


Educational and Community Support

CityTraders Imperium goes beyond just funding traders. They place a strong emphasis on trader education and community building. Their offerings include free weekly forex webinars, insightful articles, and access to fundamental market reports. This commitment to education and community is a clear indication of CityTraders Imperium dedication to its traders’ success.

Transparency and Trust

The transparency in their operations, exemplified by their clear terms and conditions and their trading challenge guidelines, instills a sense of trust. Moreover, the positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Google reinforce their credibility.

Trustpilot Reviews


What are the different funding programs offered by City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium offers three main funding programs: Challenge, Instant Funding, and Direct Funding. The Challenge program is a 2-step funding process ideal for traders with high-risk tolerance, while the Instant Funding is a 1-step program suitable for all trading styles. The Direct Funding program allows traders to skip the initial level of instant funding and gain immediate access to payouts.

How does the profit sharing work in these programs?

Profit sharing varies depending on the program. For the Challenge and Instant Funding programs, traders can earn up to 100% profit share. The exact details of profit sharing are outlined in each program’s specific terms and conditions.

Are there any minimum trading days or time limits to pass the funding programs?

City Traders Imperium offers flexibility with no minimum trading days requirement and an unlimited time limit. This allows traders to progress at their own pace and get funded potentially on the same day of trading.

Can traders use Expert Advisors (EAs) and Trade Copiers in these programs?

Yes, City Traders Imperium allows the use of Expert Advisors and Trade Copiers across all their funding programs. This facilitates various trading strategies and styles.

What are the benefits of joining City Traders Imperium’s prop firm community?

Joining the prop firm community gives traders access to a collaborative environment where they can connect with fellow traders, exchange strategies, and learn from each other. Members also benefit from free weekly forex webinars, insightful articles, and access to fundamental market reports.


In conclusion, CityTraders Imperium stands out as a prop firm that is not just about providing funding, but also about nurturing and supporting traders. With its diverse funding programs, competitive trading conditions, educational resources, and community support, CTI offers a comprehensive package that caters to both novice and experienced traders. However, as with any trading opportunity, it’s crucial to approach with due diligence and a clear understanding of the risks involved.

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