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Forex trading has always been a realm of immense possibilities and complexities. However, E8 Funding’s innovative approach to simulated Forex accounts presents a refreshing and accessible way for traders to dive into this world. Let’s explore the offerings and unique features of E8 Funding and how they stand out in the competitive landscape of Forex trading.

E8 Funding

About E8 Funding Programs

E8 Funding offers two main programs for simulated Forex trading: the E8 Account and the E8 Track. These programs are designed to cater to different levels of traders, offering a blend of education, real-time trading experience, and profit opportunities.

  1. The E8 Account: This program allows trading up to $300,000 through a 2-phase evaluation process. It’s tailored for those seeking straightforward access to larger trading capitals. The standout feature here is the scalability of the drawdowns and the potential to earn up to a 90% profit split.
  2. The E8 Track: This variant is for those who prioritize consistency and gradual progression. It involves a unique 3-phase evaluation, starting with up to $250,000 in capital. The E8 Track is intriguing for its balance of lower costs and equivalent rewards to the E8 Account.

E8 Account


$ 228 .00

up to $300,000

  • 8% Performance Target
  • Max. 5% (Daily floating loss + closed loss)
  • 8% Max. Starting Balance Drawdown
  • Minimum Trading Days: 0
  • Up to 90% Profit Split

E8 Track


$ $138 .00

up to $250,000

  • 8% Performance Target
  • Max. 5% (Daily floating loss + closed loss)
  • 8% Max. Starting Balance Drawdown
  • Minimum Trading Days: 0
  • Maximum Calendar Days: Unlimited
  • Keep 80% of your earnings

Starting Costs and Profit Sharing: Starting from as low as $138, E8 Funding makes simulated Forex trading accessible. The profit-sharing model, especially the 80-90% profit split, is particularly attractive, providing traders with a substantial portion of their earnings.

The Platform

E8 Funding
E8 Funding
E8 Funding
E8 Funding

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E8 Funding

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Global Reach and Community Building: E8 Funding doesn’t just offer a trading platform; it builds a community. They emphasize uncovering hidden talents and providing opportunities to traders worldwide. This global outreach and community-centric approach add a layer of inclusivity and diversity to their platform.

E8 Funding

What is E8 Funding?

E8 Funding is a prop trading firm offering simulated Forex trading accounts. They provide unique evaluation programs and accessible trading platforms, allowing Forex traders worldwide to learn, earn, and trade remotely.

How does the account scaling work at E8 Funding?

Account scaling at E8 Funding allows traders to increase their simulated account balance each time they earn a payout. The firm also offers an innovative scaling and increased overall drawdown system, where each time you request earnings, your drawdown increases by 1%, up to a total of 14%.

What is the maximum initial balance I can get with E8 Funding, and how can it scale?

The maximum initial balance you can get with E8 Funding is $300,000, which is scalable to over $1,000,000 based on your trading performance and adherence to their scaling program.

What are the trading platforms supported by E8 Funding?

E8 Funding supports MT4 and MT5, which are among the most trusted trading platforms in the Forex market.

How soon can I get my first payout and what percentage do I earn from my profits?

You are eligible for your first payout after successfully managing your account for 8 days. You will receive 80% of your earnings, which are paid out in 8 days and then bi-weekly thereafter.


In conclusion, E8 Funding stands out as a revolutionary prop trading firm, offering a unique blend of opportunities for Forex traders around the globe. With their innovative approach to simulated Forex trading accounts, they’re not just a business, but a community of passionate traders. Their programs are designed to foster learning and earning, with the flexibility of trading remotely from any location.

The firm’s account scaling system, which allows for a maximum initial balance of $300,000 scalable to over $1 million, is a testament to its commitment to trader growth and development. The integration of trusted platforms like MT4 and MT5, combined with a unique risk scaling method that allows up to 14% drawdown, demonstrates their dedication to providing a versatile and trader-focused environment.

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