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  • Reputable proprietary trading
  • Scaling plan for progressive capital growth
  • The complimentary trial is available for the trading challenge
  • Expert Advisors (EAs) are permitted for strategic trading
  • Adaptable trading regulations offer a range of strategic options
  • Scaling Plan: 10% profit necessary for four consecutive months
  • All trading takes place within demo accounts
  • The trading challenge presents a high level of difficulty
  • Weekend positions and news trading are restricted to the Swing Account only
  • Attaining a $2 million account could require a long-term

FTMO stands as a beacon for ambitious Forex traders, emerging as a reputable prop trading firm since its inception in 2015. The firm offers a novel approach to discovering and nurturing trading talent through its unique two-step Evaluation Process, comprising the FTMO Challenge and a subsequent Verification phase. Successful candidates are entrusted with up to $200,000 to trade and the opportunity to retain up to 90% of the profits earned, incentivizing skillful and disciplined trading.


Opting for FTMO means partnering with a firm that prioritizes your growth as a trader. Its standout Evaluation Process allows you to earn a funded trading account, fostering professional development without personal financial risk. FTMO champions a generous profit share and provides diverse trading platforms, catering to all styles. Committed to realistic trading environments and flexible conditions, FTMO is not just a firm but a career ally for traders aiming for financial independence.


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The Platform

  • Centralized dashboard for profile
  • A resource hub for traders
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Economic Calendar, Statistical App etc Margin Calculator
  • Access to an Equity Simulator and Timezone Converter
  • Leaderboard, Certificates, and information on Affiliates

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Trading Platforms


Embarking on the FTMO Journey: A Test of Skill and Discipline


The journey with FTMO begins with a formidable challenge – the Challenge itself. This is no ordinary test of financial acumen; it’s a comprehensive assessment of a trader’s discipline, risk management, and strategy implementation skills. It’s a two-step evaluation that has been meticulously designed to filter out the crème de la crème of trading talent.

In the first step, aspirants must prove their mettle by meeting specific trading objectives that test their ability to generate profits while adhering to predefined risk parameters. This is a crucible designed to forge a mindset that balances ambition with prudence – a requisite for any successful trader.

Advancing to the second stage, Verification, the challenges persist, but the end goal becomes tantalizingly close. It’s here that traders demonstrate consistency over a broader horizon, an essential trait that FTMO seeks in its traders.


$ 155 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5) , Ctrader

  • Trading Period Unlimited
  • Minimum Trading Days 4 Days
  • Maximum Loss $1,000
  • Profit Target $1,000


$ 345 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5) , Ctrader

  • Trading Period Unlimited
  • Minimum Trading Days 4 Days
  • Maximum Loss $5,000
  • Profit Target $5,000


$ 1080 .00

Platforms (Metatrader 4/5) , Ctrader

  • Trading Period Unlimited
  • Minimum Trading Days 4 Days
  • Maximum Loss $20,000
  • Profit Target $20,000

Critiques and Considerations

Critics may argue that the upfront fee to undertake the Challenge is a barrier, but considering that it is refunded upon the first Profit Split, it seems a reasonable commitment for serious traders. Some might find the Trading Objectives stringent, yet without them, the firm could not boast of a disciplined cohort of traders.

Beyond Trading: A Community of Support and Growth

More than just a platform for trading, FTMO establishes a community. The firm has a panoply of support channels, from email to WhatsApp, ensuring that traders are just a message away from assistance. The inclusion of a vibrant affiliate program and career opportunities indicates that is vested not just in financial markets but also in the people who propel them.

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What is the FTMO Challenge and how does it work?

The FTMO Challenge is the initial step in the evaluation process designed by FTMO to assess a trader’s skills and discipline. Participants are given specific trading objectives to meet within a defined timeframe, using a simulated account with virtual funds. If these objectives are met, the trader moves on to the Verification stage.

Can traders hold positions over the weekend and during major news releases?

Yes, traders can hold positions over the weekend and during major news releases if they choose the FTMO Swing Account option, which is designed to suit traders who employ longer-term strategies without restrictions on their trading activities.

What are the trading objectives that need to be met in the Evaluation Process?

The trading objectives vary depending on the stage of the evaluation. Common objectives include staying within the maximum daily and overall loss limits, achieving a set profit target, and trading a minimum number of days. These objectives are in place to ensure the trader can effectively manage risk and demonstrate consistent trading strategies.

What happens after I pass the Evaluation Process?

Upon passing the Evaluation Process, which includes the FTMO Challenge and the Verification, traders are offered to trade with a funded account. They start with a balance of up to $200,000 and can receive up to 90% of the profits they generate. Consistent profitability may lead to account scaling according to the Scaling Plan.

What are the costs involved in the FTMO Challenge, and are there any recurring fees?

The FTMO Challenge requires a one-time fee which varies depending on the chosen account size. There are no recurring charges, membership, or hidden fees. Moreover, this fee is refunded with the first profit split once the trader becomes a Trader and starts generating profits.

Conclusion: A Catalyst for Trading Careers

In sum, FTMO is more than a prop trading firm – it is a catalyst for trading careers, a beacon for those with the acumen to succeed, and a testament to what the future of proprietary trading can be. Aspiring traders who can navigate the rigor of FTMO’s evaluation process find themselves equipped, not just with capital, but with an arsenal of tools and a supportive network that paves their path to financial independence.

The firm’s relentless pursuit of identifying and nurturing trading talent has paid dividends, as evidenced by the staggering payouts to its traders. For those with the drive, discipline, and determination, FTMO stands as a towering opportunity to elevate their trading to professional levels.

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