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If you’re navigating the world of proprietary trading firms, Funding Traders has emerged as a noteworthy name in the space. It’s essential to navigate such opportunities with a balanced view, understanding both the potential and the challenges involved.

At its core, Funding Traders provides a platform for traders to scale their strategies by offering access to increased capital. Their approach involves a profit-sharing model with up to 100% returns on profits and a promise of rapid payouts, which, on the surface, might seem highly attractive.

Funding Traders

About Funding Traders

The firm’s structure includes a testing phase, the challenge, where traders must demonstrate their ability to hit profit targets without breaching set drawdown limits. This gatekeeping step is critical, as it not only filters for skillful traders but also aligns with the firm’s risk management protocols.

However, it’s crucial to approach such offers with a grounded mindset. The journey to becoming a funded trader can be complex and is not without risk. The fees for participation, the discipline required to follow stringent trading rules, and the reality of trading performance under the pressure of high expectations must all be carefully considered.

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Funding Traders
Funding Traders
Funding Traders

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Funding Traders

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Funding Traders

What is the process to get funded by FundingTraders?

To get funded, you need to pass our trading challenge by meeting the profit target without exceeding the maximum drawdown limits. Once you successfully complete the challenge, you can enter the funded phase where you can earn up to 100% of the profits.

What are the key rules for the trading challenge at FundingTraders?

The key rules include reaching a 10% profit target for the 1-step challenge or 5% for the 2-step challenge without going below the daily and maximum drawdown limits, which are set at 5% and 10% of your account size, respectively.

How does the profit split work, and when do I receive payouts?

The default profit split is 80%, but with an add-on, it can be increased to 90% or 100%. Payouts are made in as fast as 7 days after your first live trade on your funded account, and the evaluation fee is fully refundable upon successful completion of the challenge.

Can I trade during news events, and are there any commission fees?

Yes, trading during news events is allowed. There are zero commission fees applied to challenge accounts, allowing you to trade without worrying about incurring additional costs.

What are the maximum account sizes available, and is there an opportunity for account scaling?

We offer account sizes ranging from $5k to $500k. Traders who remain consistently profitable have the opportunity to scale their account up to $2 million following our scaling plan.


In conclusion, Funding Traders stands out in the prop trading industry with its compelling offerings that cater to the ambitious trader. From the opportunity to trade with substantial capital and keep up to 100% of the profits to enjoying rapid 7-day payouts, the firm positions itself as a leader in the prop firm space.

The flexibility to trade news events without commission fees, combined with the potential to scale one’s account up to $2 million, makes it an attractive option for serious traders seeking to advance their careers. Furthermore, the sense of community and personalized support as reflected in testimonials from funded traders adds to the appeal, fostering a trading environment that values success and collaboration. With a straightforward funding process and a commitment to fostering trader growth, Funding Traders could be the catalyst you need to unlock your full trading potential and achieve new heights in your trading journey.

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