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FX2 Funding has emerged as a noteworthy player in the proprietary trading firm landscape, catering to skilled yet undercapitalized traders. This comprehensive review aims to dissect various aspects of FX2 Funding, evaluating its offerings, trading rules, and overall value proposition for traders.

About FX2 Funding

FX2 Funding stands out with its commitment to supporting talented traders lacking substantial capital. The platform offers expansive funded accounts for those demonstrating advanced currency-trading prowess. With a robust financial structure backed by significant private capital and a good standing relationship with globally regulated brokers, FX2 Funding positions itself as a reliable partner for ambitious traders.

fx2 funding

Program Offerings and Profit Sharing

A standout feature of FX2 Funding is its diverse range of account options. Traders can choose from several account sizes, ranging from $10,000 to $200,000, with a uniform profit share of up to 85%. This profit sharing is notably generous compared to industry standards, reflecting FX2’s commitment to rewarding its traders fairly.

fx2 funding

Performance and Trading Styles

FX2Funding places a high premium on trader performance, accommodating various trading styles and strategies. The platform provides access to a plethora of analytical tools and training resources, ensuring traders have everything they need to succeed.

fx2 funding

Trading Rules and Evaluations

The trading rules at FX2 are straightforward and designed to keep traders focused. Key rules include a maximum drawdown limit of 6% of the starting capital, a daily drawdown limit of 4%, and an inactivity rule where accounts must not remain inactive for more than 30 days. These rules are in place to ensure disciplined trading while allowing enough flexibility for traders to execute their strategies effectively.

Support and Transparency

FX2 Funding scores high on transparency and trader support. The operation is straightforward, with simple program rules and timely payouts, ensuring traders can trade with confidence. Additionally, every funded trader receives dedicated support available 24/7, highlighting FX2’s commitment to its traders’ success

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fx2 funding

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Fx2 Funding

What is FX2 Funding and What Services Do They Offer?

FX2 Funding is a proprietary trading platform that offers expansive funded accounts to skilled traders. They provide traders who demonstrate advanced currency-trading acumen with access to capital, a comprehensive trading toolkit, world-class support, and a market-leading profit split. FX2 is designed to support highly skilled yet undercapitalized traders in growing their wealth.

How Does the Evaluation Process Work?

To access FX2’s funded accounts, traders must pass a straightforward one-stage trader evaluation. This process is designed to be simple, transparent, and favorable for traders. It’s crucial for FX2, as the firm bears the total loss risk for its funded accounts, to verify that applicants are talented and deserving of capitalization.

What Are the Different Funded Account Options and Their Conditions?

FX2 Funding offers various account levels, ranging from a $10,000 Starter account to a $200,000 Master account. Each level has specific conditions such as profit targets, maximum daily loss, and trailing drawdown limits. The accounts also come with a refundable evaluation fee, and traders can keep up to 85% of the profits made.

What Trading Styles Are Supported?

FX2 Funding accommodates all trading styles and strategies, including copy trading, using Expert Advisors (EAs), scalping, and trading the news. They prioritize traders’ performance and provide access to various analytical tools and resources to support different trading methodologies.

How Do Payouts Work?

Once a trader’s account is funded and profitable, they can request their first payout after 7 days, followed by subsequent payouts every 14 days. FX2 Funding prides itself on quick payouts and a high-profit split, allowing traders to collect up to 85% of the profits earned.


In conclusion, FX2 Funding presents a compelling proposition for skilled traders seeking capital. Its flexible account options, generous profit sharing, comprehensive support, and transparent operations make it an attractive choice. However, as with any trading platform, potential users should thoroughly research and understand all terms and conditions before engaging.

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