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Oneup trader

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  • 7-day Free Trial Account
  • FREE NinjaTrader License
  • Futures Trading
  • 1-Step Evaluation
  • Account sizes of up to $250,000
  • No CFD Trading
  • No Cryptocurrency

OneUp Trader stands as a beacon in the proprietary trading firm industry, uniquely positioning itself with a philosophy that cuts through the complexity of financial markets. This narrative explores the core beliefs that drive their mission, anchoring on the tenet that trading success should be accessible, achievable, and devoid of bureaucratic entanglements.

The Simplicity of Getting Funded

The simplicity of OneUp Trader’s model is revolutionary, offering a stark contrast to the often convoluted processes seen elsewhere in the industry. This section breaks down the ‘ease of process‘ and its impact on traders’ success.

OneUp Trader’s $250,000 Funded Accounts

OneUp Trader revolutionizes the proprietary trading landscape by offering ambitious traders the opportunity to manage accounts with balances scaling up to $250,000. This upper echelon of account funding is designed to accommodate both the seasoned trader looking to expand their financial footprint and the skilled newcomer eager to dive into the market with substantial backing. By providing traders with such significant capital, OneUp Trader not only amplifies the potential for profit but also demonstrates immense trust in its clients‘ strategic acumen. This level of investment is a testament to the firm’s commitment to its traders’ growth and success within the volatile world of trading.

The Platform

OneUp trader
Oneup Trader

Trading Platforms

Oneup trader trading platforms

Customers Experiences

Their client-centric approach is further highlighted by a generous 90% profit split and the first $10,000 of profit kept entirely by the trader, coupled with around-the-clock customer support that ensures a trader is never left in the dark. By fostering a collaborative community and providing top-notch educational materials alongside advanced trading analytics, OneUp Trader doesn’t just fund traders; they are dedicated to fostering their growth and success in the high-stakes world of trading.

The Challenges



$ 125 .00
  • Max 3 Contracts
  • First $10,000 Profits FREE
  • Unlimited Balance Resets
  • 90% Profit Split



$ 300 .00
  • Max 12 Contracts
  • No Daily Loss Limit
  • First $10,000 Profits FREE
  • Unlimited Balance Resets
  • 90% Profit Split



$ 650 .00
  • Max 25 Contracts
  • No Daily Loss Limit
  • First $10,000 Profits FREE
  • Unlimited Balance Resets
  • 90% Profit Split

Trustpilot Reviews

OneUp Trader

What is the 1-Step Evaluation and how does it work?

The 1-Step Evaluation is a process designed by OneUp Trader to assess your trading skills. By reaching clear and attainable targets set by OneUp Trader, you can qualify to start trading with a funded account. This evaluation helps to ensure that you have the capability to manage risk and make profitable trades before being provided with funding.

Are there any fees I should be aware of during the 7-day free trial or afterward?

OneUp Trader offers a 7-day free trial with no hidden fees. During the free trial and after you become a funded trader, there are no data fees or unexpected costs. The monthly cost for a funded account starts at $350 after the trial period, should you choose to continue.

What does ‘No Daily Loss Limit’ mean in the context of funded accounts?

‘No Daily Loss Limit’ means that OneUp Trader does not set a restriction on how much you can lose in a single day. However, there is a ‘Trailing Drawdown’ which is the maximum allowable loss that can increase as your account balance grows, ensuring you manage your trades responsibly.

How do profit withdrawals work with OneUp Trader?

Once you’re a funded trader with OneUp Trader, you can withdraw profits freely from day one. For the $150,000 account, for instance, traders keep 100% of their first $10,000 in profits for the 90% split option. Beyond the initial $10,000, profits are split at a 90% rate, with the majority going to the trader.

What platforms can I use for trading with OneUp Trader, and how do I select one?

OneUp Trader supports over 20 top trading execution platforms, allowing you to choose one that best suits your trading style and preferences. The available platforms include popular choices like NinjaTrader. Once you enroll in the program, you will have the option to select your preferred trading platform.


In conclusion, OneUp Trader stands out as a compelling pathway for traders aiming to scale their careers with less risk and more support. The simplicity of its 1-Step Evaluation, absence of hidden costs, and the offering of a 7-day free trial underscores a commitment to transparency and trader success. With the added benefits of a vibrant trading community, access to various trading platforms, and the promise of keeping a significant portion of initial profits, the program is tailored to those ready to take control of their financial destiny in the trading world.

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