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4.8/5Overall Score
  • Up to $4 million in trading scale
  • Permission for multiple account
  • Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Overnight and throughout the weekend is permissible
  • Limited leverage is available
  • Cryptocurrency trading is not supported
  • Maximum stop loss set at 1.5%
  • Trading options are restricted Forex, gold, and silver

The foreign exchange market, an epitome of global trade and investment, serves as the battleground for Forex proprietary trading firms. These entities empower traders to operate with larger capital, leveraging their expertise to maximize returns. Proprietary, or “prop,” firms are avant-garde, as they harness individual talents for mutual success.

The5ers Unique Approach to Funding Traders

The5ers, a legally incorporated entity in the UK, has its origins in London with a main office situated at 14 Haroshet Street, Raanana, Israel. This proprietary trading firm offers the potential for significant earnings through the management of accounts up to the value of $4,000,000, with the option to handle three accounts concurrently. Setting them apart from other proprietary firms, The 5%ers provide immediate funding for traders with account models designed for either low or high-risk strategies. Traders have the choice of starting with rapid funding accounts valued at $6,000, $10,000, or $20,000, with scalable growth potential up to $1,280,000.

The Platform


The Payout


Payments Methods


Trading Platforms


The Challenges

Candidates are given a generous 180 days to succeed in the Low-Risk challenge, while the High-Risk challenge allows for a 60-day completion window.

This firm presents a $100K Bootcamp challenge that encompasses three distinct stages. Traders can take advantage of a 10:1 leverage without the constraints of minimum trading days or a required number of trades. Each stage sets a profit goal of 6%, alongside a maximum allowable loss of 5%.

Participants have up to a full year to navigate through the demo stages of the challenge. This extended period grants traders the flexibility to adapt to various market conditions and refine their trading strategies as needed. Notably, this challenge is particularly suited for traders who are cautious about upfront fees, since the initial cost is only €85. The full fee is only billed upon successful completion of the challenge, at which point the trader is assured funding.



$ 260 .00


  • Get paid from the first target
  • Evaluation Funding Capital
  • Evaluation Target 10%
  • Leverage 1:30



$ 39 .00


  • Max Trading Period Unlimited
  • Maximum Loss 10%
  • Profit Target 8%
  • Minimum Profitable Days 3



$ 95 .00


  • Leverage 1:10
  • No minimum days
  • Profit split: Up to 100%



What is The5ers Funding Program?

The5ers Funding Program is a platform designed to discover trading talents and fund their growth in the Forex market. Traders are provided with a funded trading account and can work their way up to trading a $4,000,000 account, with programs tailored for different levels of experience and trading styles.

What types of trading can I engage in with The5ers?

With The5ers, you can trade Forex, Metals, Indices, and Stocks. The firm welcomes all trading systems, so whether you prefer scalping, swing trading, or another style, you are encouraged to trade in the way that suits you best.

What are the different funding programs offered by The5ers?

The5ers offers three main programs: Hyper-Growth: A 1-step program where you get paid from the first target and can double your account at every milestone.
High Stakes: A 2-step program focused on high risk and reward, allowing you to scale your account at each milestone.
Bootcamp: A low-cost program where you pay upon success and can scale your account at each milestone.

What kind of support and resources does The5ers provide to its traders?

The5ers provides extensive support and resources, including A daily live trading room for interaction and market analysis.
Trading performance statistics through a personal dashboard.
Educational webinars and a prop trading course covering topics like risk management and trading psychology.
Real-time trading notifications, free 1-on-1 performance coaching, and extensive reading resources.
Dedicated support via telephone, live chat, email, or form submission.

How do I know which The5ers funding program is right for me?

The5ers have created a video to help prospective traders understand which program suits them best. It is advisable to watch this video and read the terms and conditions for each program. Additionally, traders are encouraged to conduct a thorough study of the program requirements before signing up to ensure they choose the best fit for their trading level and style.


In summary, the 5% stand out for allowing weekend trades, offering substantial growth opportunities, and providing ample time to tackle their trading challenges. The Bootcamp challenge is particularly appealing for those testing the waters, as it reduces the risk of losing the entire one-time fee if one doesn’t succeed. While these challenges may seem daunting and potentially out of reach for many traders, for those with confidence and skill, the array of funded trading programs and extensive scaling options offered by The 5%ers could be very attractive.

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