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Navigate the world of proprietary trading with The Funded Trader program—a platform where traders can leverage up to $600,000 of virtual capital. Focusing on skill and strategy, the program offers up to 95% profit retention and introduces various challenges to suit different trading styles. This review will offer a snapshot of how to embark on these challenges, with an emphasis on the program’s simulated trading environment that mirrors real-market conditions.

Why The Funded Trader?

Choosing The Funded Trader program could be beneficial for traders for several reasons:

Multiple Programs Offered: Traders have the flexibility to choose from one, three, or four different programs depending on their trading style and the level of challenge they are seeking. This variety ensures that both new and experienced traders can find a program that suits their needs.

Generous Virtual Capital Allocation: The program offers substantial virtual capital allocations, ranging from $300,000 to $600,000, allowing traders to practice and trade with significant sums, which could lead to higher potential earnings.

High Earnings Potential: Traders have the opportunity to earn up to 95% of the profits made on a TFT Account, which is a notably high percentage in the industry, providing a strong incentive to succeed.

The Platform

  • Platforms has a cool and intuitive design
  • Offers different types of Competitions
  • Displays a leaderboard
  • Dashboard shows progress
  • Provides tutorials and various trading tools
the funded trader platform
the funded trader platform
the funded trader platform
the funded trader platform

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The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process within The Funded Trader program is meticulously designed to assess an individual’s trading prowess. It is a multistep journey, beginning with Phase 1, the crux of which is to achieve a predetermined virtual profit target while abiding by the trading regulations set forth. This initial phase requires participants to engage in simulated trades that are crafted to mirror the latency and slippage of the actual market, conditioned by the magnitude of one’s order.

Should a trader meet the objectives and demonstrate their trading acumen in Phase 1, they will be promptly provided with a Phase 2 account within a span of 24 hours, propelling them further along their quest for funding. For those who embark on the 1 Phase challenge, such as the Knight’s Challenge, they can bypass the second phase and jump straight to the funding step upon successful completion of the first phase.

The second phase, known as Verification, replicates the conditions of the first, tasking the trader once again with hitting a virtual profit target while operating under a simulated market environment. The culmination of achieving these targets and adhering to the rules is the elevation to the status of a Funded Trader.

The Funded Trader Challenges

Standard Challenge


$ 65 .00

2 Steps Challenge

  • Simulated Trading Period Unlimited
  • Challenge Leverage 1:60
  • Virtual Profit Target 10%
  • Maximum Loss 10%
  • Refundable Fees

Rapid Challenge


$ 79 .00

2 Steps Challenge

  • Simulated Trading Period Unlimited
  • Challenge Leverage 1:30
  • Virtual Profit Target 8%
  • Maximum Loss 8%
  • Refundable Fees

Royal Challenge


$ 289 .00

2 Steps Challenge

  • Simulated Trading Period Unlimited
  • Challenge Leverage 1:200
  • Virtual Profit Target 8%
  • Maximum Loss 8%
  • Refundable Fees

Knight Challenge


$ 189 .00

1 Step Challenge

  • Simulated Trading Period Unlimited
  • Minimum Simulated Trading Days 0 Days
  • Virtual Profit Target 10%
  • Maximum Loss 6%

Essential Rules to Follow

  1. No Lot Size Limits: Especially in the Royal and Knight’s Challenges, there are no restrictions on lot sizes, giving traders the freedom to execute their strategies on a larger scale.
  2. Simulated News Trading Permitted: Trade without concerns about violations due to simulated news trading rules, offering a more realistic trading experience.
  3. Early Withdrawals: Offers the possibility of requesting your first withdrawal within just 14 days, facilitating better cash flow for traders.
  4. No Minimum Trading Days: Unlike many other programs, The Funded Trader doesn’t impose minimum trading days, allowing traders to advance at their own pace.

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The Funded Trader’s Discord channel

Join The Funded Trader’s Discord community to explore a wealth of simulated trading tips and insights. It’s an opportunity to engage with fellow traders, benefit from shared knowledge, and become part of a supportive trading network.

What is The Funded Trader Program?

The Funded Trader Program (TFT) provides traders with the opportunity to manage up to $600,000 in trading capital. Successful traders can receive up to 95% of the profits from trades executed on demo accounts.

How does the evaluation process work at TFT?

The evaluation consists of two phases: Phase 1 requires meeting a profit target through simulated trades, and Phase 2 involves further validation of trading skills. For one-phase challenges, once the objectives are met, the trader moves directly to the trader status with capital allocation.

What are the requirements for joining TFT?

Applicants need to sign up for a challenge and pass it to qualify for a trading account. There may be documents required, and while there is no specified age limit mentioned, usual financial service standards apply. The program is available in most countries, but specific exclusions may apply.

What challenges does TFT offer?

TFT offers different challenges such as the Standard, Royal, Rapid, and Knight’s Challenge, each with specific benefits and rules, like the allowance of Expert Advisors, varying capital sizes, and different profit targets.

How does the payout system work in TFT?

Traders start with an 80% profit share, which can increase depending on performance and account type. Payouts are prioritized to be completed within 24 hours, with the potential to scale the virtual balance by up to 25% under certain conditions.


The Funded Trader Program emerges as a prop firm offering a novel approach for traders to escalate their skills and earn from simulated markets. Through its array of challenges, from the Standard to the Knight’s Challenge, it provides a diverse platform for traders to harness their expertise in a controlled, risk-managed environment. As a prop firm, it aligns the potential for high rewards with the demand for strategic acumen and discipline. Yet, it’s imperative to tread with caution, recognizing the inherent risks and the high stakes of leverage in simulated trading. For those prepared to navigate these waters, TFT could be the crucible for refining trading tactics and potentially reaping the rewards of a well-executed strategy.

Risk Warning: It’s essential to remember that trading involves risk, and the content on the ProdanAdvisor website is for general information only. The service and company website are provided on an “as-is” basis and without warranty of any kind.

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