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Welcome to our comprehensive review of TradingFunds, a proprietary trading firm dedicated to fostering trader development and unlocking their potential for success. Although a newcomer to the scene, TradingFunds has rapidly carved out a reputation as a promising enterprise with a keen emphasis on nurturing trader advancement. This review aims to offer essential insights into the firm’s funding opportunities, trading regulations, support systems, and beyond—equipping both seasoned traders seeking fresh avenues and novices embarking on their trading journey with the knowledge to make a well-informed choice about becoming part of this vibrant trading community.

About TradingFunds

TradingFunds has distinguished itself in the proprietary trading sector and has received coverage from leading media entities such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, AP News, and Digital Journal. As a credible institution, it equips traders with the fundamental components for market success: substantial capital, leading-edge technology, and comprehensive infrastructure. The firm offers a variety of funding tiers, with capital allocations starting at $25,000 and extending up to $2,000,000.


TradingFunds is renowned for its professional yet accessible operational framework, which simplifies the complexity of prop trading. The fusion of straightforward regulatory guidelines with avant-garde trading technology facilitates a prop trading experience that is unparalleled in its efficiency and precision. Their advanced platform provides traders with the capability to connect seamlessly with international markets, thereby enabling swift and accurate trade executions.


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What is the 1-step evaluation process?

The 1-step evaluation process at TradingFunds is a simplified assessment where traders are required to meet specific trading objectives. Once these objectives are achieved, the trader becomes eligible for a funded account. This single evaluation phase is designed to be more efficient than multiple-phase evaluations, allowing traders to get to trading with a funded account more quickly.

How do I get started with the challenge?

To start with the TradingFunds challenge, you need to sign up on our website, choose the evaluation challenge that fits your trading style, and meet the trading objectives outlined. Once you pass this evaluation, you will receive a funded account and can start earning from your trades.

Are there any daily drawdown limits?

TradingFunds offers a trading environment without daily drawdown limits. However, traders are expected to manage their risks appropriately and adhere to the trading objectives to qualify for and maintain their funded accounts.

What kind of support does offer to its traders?

TradingFunds provides an exclusive dashboard for efficient account management, trader support for any queries or issues, and a knowledge base with resources to help traders make informed decisions. Our support team is committed to assisting traders at every step of their journey.

Can I scale my account and how does it work?

Yes, TradingFunds offers a dynamic scaling plan that allows traders to scale their accounts up to $2,000,000. To scale your account, you need to meet the target profits set forth in your evaluation or funded account agreement. As you reach these targets, your account size will be increased, offering you the potential for higher earnings.


TradingFunds stands as a prestigious proprietary trading firm that equips market participants with the vital tools for success: financial backing, state-of-the-art technology, and robust infrastructure. Through an efficient evaluation process and a suite of funding levels, traders have the opportunity to showcase their prowess and advance towards professional trading careers. The firm’s commitment to performance is reflected in consistent bi-weekly payments, providing traders with a dependable source of earnings.

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