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In recent years, proprietary trading firms have become pivotal in Forex markets, offering traders the chance to access significant capital. These firms invest their own funds rather than those of clients, sharing profits with their traders who, in turn, leverage the firm’s capital and infrastructure to make substantial profits.

TrueForex Funds operates on a model that prioritizes the empowerment of traders. By providing capital, they mitigate the common barrier of insufficient funds that many traders face, allowing talented individuals to scale their strategies effectively.

About TrueForex Funds

Established in Hungary, True Forex Funds has shown remarkable growth. Its mission to fund adept traders has resonated across the Forex community, building its reputation as a firm that traders can trust for growth and support. TrueForex Funds‘ offer to fund traders up to $200,000 with an 80% profit split is a testament to their confidence in their selection process and their traders’ capabilities, ensuring a mutually beneficial arrangement.

The Platforms

trueforex funds
trueforex funds
trueforex funds

Traders can access advanced trading tools like an equity simulator and account analysis to enhance their strategy. True Forex Funds also offers quick payouts within 24 hours during weekdays, a range of withdrawal methods, and comprehensive customer support. Feedback from users highlights the platform’s ease of use, fast support, and smooth payout process.

Payout Certificate

trueforex funds

Why Trueforex Funded?

True Forex Funds (TFF) positions itself as a premier firm in the trading industry, emphasizing its commitment to offering the best trading conditions and welcoming a variety of trading styles including scalping, hedging, and automated trading. Their mission is to empower traders by providing exceptional market conditions, facilitated by advanced technology and partnerships with multiple liquidity providers to offer spreads as low as 0.0 pips. TFF’s dedication to technological enhancement is aimed at delivering optimal trading conditions. They provide a full spectrum of trading solutions and services, ensuring that clients have access to leading market products in a centralized location with a customizable dashboard.

Trading Platforms

TrueForex Funds

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TrueForex Funds

What does the TrueForex Funds Evaluation Program entail?

The Evaluation Program is a two-phase process designed to assess a trader’s ability to meet simple and realistic trading objectives. Successful completion of both phases is required to join the funded traders’ community.

What funding options are available after completing the Evaluation Program?

Traders can be funded with account balances ranging from $10,000 to $400,000, with no time limit on trading. After proving their trading strategies, traders may scale up to a $2.5 million account.

Are there any trading day requirements to maintain the funded account?

True Forex Funds offers flexible trading options with no minimum trading days, allowing traders to operate on a schedule that suits their strategy and lifestyle.

How does the profit split work with TrueForex Funds?

Once funded, traders receive an 80% profit split on the earnings generated from their trades, promoting a high-reward environment for successful trading.

What tools and support do TrueForex Funds provide to help traders succeed?

The firm provides a state-of-the-art platform featuring advanced statistics, account analysis, and an equity simulator to refine trading strategies. Additionally, they offer 24/5 customer support to assist with any queries during the trading journey.


The firm’s focus on providing a seamless experience is further accentuated by its efficient payout system, which guarantees that traders receive their earnings swiftly and reliably. The positive feedback from the trading community attests to the platform’s user-friendliness, the responsiveness of its customer support, and the overall satisfaction with the trading conditions provided.

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